"Gina, I've been using that goat milk soap on my face, and I have much fewer wrinkles now. Can I buy a big box from you?"
-- Lois Fritz, age 86

"Gina, Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your soaps. I've bought homemade soaps as far west as Hawaii and as far north as Canada, and many places in between, and yours are by far some of the best I've ever used. You have a great product. Love the cocoa bits."
-- Tina Crone, PhD

"Your Poetry Corner Shaving Bar soap has me ruined on store-bought shaving cream. I haven't cut my face at all since I started using it. Smooth."
-- George Kopp

"I'll be swearing more now that you wash my mouth out with THIS soap. Very tasty."
-- My Kids

"We live in Tanzania in the bush and this bar of Green Tea soap lasted forever! We thought it was the best soap ever and it never melted and lasted and lasted. This is funny that I am writing this because we have never ever talked about soap except this one."
-- Susan Vinton