Soaps: $1 per ounce.
(Most bars are @4 ounces.)

Scrubs: Pumpkin chai scrub is $16. All others are $12.
(Scrubs are 24 ounces.)

Beeswax body balms: $7
(Lotions are 4 ounces.)

Beeswax lip balms: $2.50 per tube.

Body Balm Bars (Solid Lotion): $5.50
(Solid Lotion Balms are 1.5 ounces.)

All monies collected are donated to the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life.


Pictured below is Brandon Kopp, Six-Time Winner of his local Miss Relay, sponsored by the American Cancer Society.
(His guest in blue is the lovely Davi Perez.)
All monies collected from product sales are placed into his donations bucket. (His family will do anything to ensure he will keep wearing those pretty dresses!)
Congratulations to Brandon for his selfless fundraising.
Together we can clean the world of cancer and wash it down the drain!